Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions about AMD and our printing process.

1) Do you have a local print shop I can visit?

Yes and no. We have a brick and mortar location, but it's not a print shop. Our print products come from trade/wholesale print warehouses. They are super huge print companies all over the country. This way we can provide a multitude of products without buying a factory. However you are welcome to visit our office at 3274 Rosehill Rd by appointment only, you can schedule an appointment on our main site:

2) If this isn't something you print, are we getting it at cost?

We give you prices as close to cost as possible, but we do add on a processing fee to cover our labor of reviewing and processing your files. These prices still beat most other printers, and we are always looking for even better quality items for lower prices!

3) How long does this take?

Print cutoff times are 9am Monday-Friday, all files submitted before 9am are processed on that day. We send files to print after you approve your proof. Files being sent to print after approval work the same way, there is a 9am same day cut off. 

Heres a breakdown:

You upload your item after purchase at 7am on the 1st.

Its reviewed and a proof is returned to you on the 1st.

You approve the proof at 5pm on the 1st.

It is sent to print on the 2nd.

(Print processing depends on the item purchased, and can take up to 7 business days prior to shipping. Refer to the product description for details)

Shipping is via UPS ground.

All of our print vendors are closed on weekends, and some holidays.

4) I didn't see something I really wanted, can you get it for me?

We've only listed a limited amount of items that our vendors carry, there are hundreds and thousands more. Feel free to contact us at with your inquiry.

5) What are your business hours?

Monday-Friday from 9am-7pm