Get your business stuff now, and pay later! AMD now has Shop Pay!

Get your business stuff now, and pay later! AMD now has Shop Pay!

So starting a business is expensive, trust me I know. You need everything at the same time it seems. Business loans, and business credit can be confusing and hard to navigate or even find. I too have tried all the fancy new programs like Paypal Working Capital, trying to get around credit checks and crazy APRs. 

While in real life outside of business I was out here using Afterpay and Klarna and avoiding interest and fees all day everyday. (Pause, if you have a Klarna account you can ALWAYS generate a digital credit card to pay here on our site directly!) Business purchases just didn't seem to have that option. 

But your girl got an email, from Shopify, and they said, "Yo, I gotchu." Then they slid this information to me about their new integration with ShopPay by affirm.

It's just like Klarna, and Afterpay. You can break your total down into 4 equal payments that come out every two weeks automatically. So instead of watching $1000 come out of your account at once in horror, you can pay $250 now, $250 in 2 weeks, and $250 2 weeks after that, and finally $250 2 weeks after that. WITH NO FEES. No interest, no credit check, no praying it's going to go through, no first born child, none of that. You just pay them automatically, and you get what you need for your business NOW.

Need a logo, website, business cards, flyers, and a table throw for a trade show next month? Boom, get it now with ShopPay.

See, AMD doesn't take payment plans, (sorry, those before you burnt that bridge) and when I do I don't provide the finished product until all payments are made. With ShopPay, I'm paid in full and happy to get your stuff to you ASAP. And you only have to pay 25% upfront. Bruh, I normally require a 50% deposit, so you don't even have to pay them the way you have to pay me! So now we're all happy, I'm paid, and you have everything you need with less wait time. With NO FEES or INTEREST. Okay, I'm excited, because I understand how stressful this can be. I've had to scrape the bottom of the penny jar to get in some print items for vending. If I only had to pay 1/4th of the total upfront, I would have got everything I wanted. Now, I can, and so can you. 

Now when you view products underneath you'll notice the purple shop pay logo and a breakdown of the payment plan. You do have to spend a minimum of $50, and a maximum of $1000 at a time. Missing a payment doesn't affect your credit score, BUT you may not be able to ever use Shop Pay again in the future. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us, but of course I'm not going to leave without giving you a link to learn more about Shop Pay:

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