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I hear wedding bells...

Okay, I'm already happily married. but a girl can dream. I have a Tony Robbins addiction. Seriously, it's an addiction. Every morning when I'm feeling down, or stressed and I'm dragging myself to sit in front of the computer I turn this man on. He seems to always know what to say right when I need to hear it.  Yes, of course I watched "I am not your Guru" on Netflix as soon as it was available - and yes I did ugly cry through over 50% of it. You see one of the biggest reasons we fail as entrepreneurs is not because of resources like money or connections. It's not even about bad backend processes or social media. (You probably know several successful companies with a bad social media campaign.)  Yes those contribute but the main reason we fail and normally why those things are wrong in the first place, is because of our "stories". What we tell ourselves about our business.  "Entrepreneurship is so hard." "Money is hard to come by." "Maybe I'm just not good enough." "Maybe this isn't for me" "Why can't I be successful?" "It's too hard" "I can't do this" "I'm alone, and no one even understands." "I can't afford help" "No one wants to help me." "No one cares if I succeed." "I have no support." "Maybe I should just quit." On Monday I was in a meeting with Northwick marketing, and it was amazing. He was showing me things I wasn't even aware were possible. But in the back of my mind I was saying, "I can't afford this, I can barely afford groceries, and he wants $1250 a month." I decided just to listen as hard as I could and gain all of the knowledge I could so maybe one day I could afford this. It felt sleazy and uncomfortable like stealing, but I didn't believe there were any other options. That morning I only had $26 in my business account, and close to the same in my personal checking. That $1250 could have been $12,500,000 the way I was feeling.  I'm sitting in this meeting and it dawns on me, I need this. I can make the $1250 10 times over if I just follow these steps. He's fixing things I never even knew were wrong. I'm a hard sell in marketing because I have done so much research. I was certain that I already knew my limitations and shortcomings. But here this guy was showing me things I hadn't even thought of. At the end of the conversation I was distraught, I needed him, I couldn't do this alone. My clients needed him. Maybe I can save and do this next month I thought. Or next year - no matter what I would do this. Did you catch the shift? The $1250 that was $12,500,000 to me at the beginning of the conversation was now suddenly feasible. I was mentally breaking it down, "That's just 2 $625 payments, I can get $625 twice in a month... maybe in October I'll have it...." At the end of the conversation, he's asking me what I thought, and if was it valuable. I'm rubbing my forehead trying to figure out how to say "Yes this is great, but I'm poor." As I'm beating around the bush, it comes to me - just say it. So I told him, I want this but I cannot afford it. And he says, is that it? I reply yes, and I believe if I hire you I would be able to pay the $1250 easily each month, I'm just not able to do it today. He pauses and says, okay I'll do this for you for $497 for your first 30 days, can you pay that? I'm thinking, "That's amazing, I'm sure I can come up with that in the next 2 or 3 weeks. Maybe he won't mind if I wait to start. Maybe I can use my credit card, there isn't much on it, if he can't wait."So I agree, my mind totally shifted, "I'll just put it on the card, it'll pay for itself." But then I thought, "I really need to keep my business expenses in my business account. I don't want this to be a problem in the future with taxes." I sighed and just said, "It'll work itself out." A few hours later I start getting calls and emails from people wanting to pay for services. At 11:00pm that night I had $463 in my business account. That was God working. That was me having faith, and taking a chance. This is what happens when you shift your thinking. When you believe that things will work out for your good. When you stop listening to the stories we tell ourselves about what won't, can't, shouldn't, wouldn't, couldn't work - and do. Suddenly I'm empowered, I'm updating my website (blogging, lol). I'm taking a new perspective on my accounts, and things are falling into place.  So let go of the lies we tell ourselves. You CAN and WILL do his, you CAN and WILL succeed. I believe in you.    


Day 14: stop posting, start engaging

A Mata Designs Best Month Ever

We spend so much time putting out, putting out, putting out, that we miss out on the beauty of social media. Being SOCIAL. Social media gives you a chance to connect with people internationally who have similar interests and goals. Yet instead of connecting we're always selling, pulling and clawing for attention. Because of all this selling and trying to convince people you're worth following you miss out on meeting people that can actually benefit you and your business.


What if we stopped trying to impress and entice, and instead had a real conversation with people online. If you're a micro or solo business owner this is really important for you. 


We often try to model these huge successful companies and how they use social media never stopping to think that we're comparing Apples and Oranges. AMD is not Sprint, or (my spiritual husband) Tony Robbins, it's AMD. Both of those other companies had followers before Mark even thought about Facebook. I was still wearing British Knights and scrunchies when Tony wrote Awaken the Giant. 25 years later it's one of a series of best sellers, and Tony is worth 480 Million dollars. This didn't happen overnight, this is 25 years of perfecting his craft. Sprint started as the Brown Telephone Company, which was founded in 1899 - 118 years ago, they have almost 60 Million current subscribers. That sounds like oranges to me. 


How easy is it for them in 2016 to build a following? To get comments, and shares? People are already looking for them because they are already staples in business. You and me, friend, are not staples - yet. So why are we pretending to be Sprint and Tony, instead of just being ourselves? Because trust me, they could have terrible Social Media skills and still have a following. Because they have put in the work. It's time for us to put in the work.


Being social instead of just selling, opens up opportunities for strategic networking, and organic client retention and sales. Yes you can make money by being social. So instead of trying to sell, and entice - let's start a conversation!